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Superior Drilling Products

Vernal, UT, USA

Many companies say their employees are their most important as-set. We mean it. Our manufacturing team is truly the G.O.A.T. (Great-est Of All Time).  We fi nd the best in every industry and hone their skills. Before they came to us, they manufactured parts in the nu-clear, aerospace, prototyping, fi rearms, medical, mining, and auto-motive industries.

But hiring the best doesn’t mean you are the best.  We weld all of those diverse backgrounds into a team with the tensile strength of steel. We coach and develop talent internally, buy the best ma-chines for them to work on, and treat them like family.

Founded on Hard Work & Family
The company recognizes that employees sacrifi ce time away from their families in order to ensure a good living standard and the satis-faction of a job well done.  We make an all-out eff ort to respect that sacrifi ce by not wasting employees’ time, showing respect, sup-porting them in times of need, expecting greatness from everyone, and helping them to develop their skills, even if it eventually takes them away from our company.

Working in a rural environment means that our team is hardworking, dedicated, focused, and independent.  They solve problems, overcome obstacles, and their word on when they’ll deliver is their bond.  Just because we’re not in the big city doesn’t mean we don’t have the tech you need.  Our machinists aren’t just button pushers. They code, test, and execute the complex programs needed to make the most intricate parts. 

Innovation Comes from the Floor
Our manufacturing leadership team has decades of experience meeting the needs of customers like you.  We grow in-house talent and then put them through our Superior Manager University.  So not only are our managers sheer geniuses on CNC Machines, but they also know how to build a Superior team.

Additionally, a core feature of our culture is a safe environment.  Not only do we keep our employees physically safe, but we allow them the freedom to innovate and fi nd solutions our competitors can’t. Our team has found the perfect balance between quality, efficiency, and safety. 

We are the people you’ve been looking for and we can’t wait to talk to you.