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H3 Manufacturing Group, LLC

Champaign, IL, USA
H3 Manufacturing Group, LLC produces close tolerance parts, components, weldments, and assemblies for companies in a broad range of industries where exceptional tolerance work is required.
Utilizing the latest in CNC machining, fabrication, welding, and inspection technology, H3 has built an excellent reputation for precision work, cost-efficient manufacturing solutions and customer service.
In turn, H3’s customers have a very favorable view of the company, and we view those relationships as long term, value added relationships.
H3’s ERP system provides real time tracking of processes, orders, and material traceability. The Company also utilizes SolidWorks 3D and state of the art CAM software for cost effective tool programming and enhanced machining techniques.
Manufacturing Solutions for Complex Customer Needs - with precision CNC machining, assembly, wet paint and powder coating capabilities, laser cutting, fabrication and complex welding – we’re your one stop shop!  
One Company, Three Locations, Manufacturing Multiple Solutions