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Helion Energy

Everett, WA, USA

Helion is building the ultimate solution to one of the world's most pressing challenges - climate change. Our goals are courageous – we plan to demonstrate electricity from fusion in 2024. We move fast, prioritize what matters, and iterate quickly so we can accelerate everything we do.

At Helion, we grow and learn together while working with never-before-seen technology. A career here means you will interact with the world's leading scientists, engineers, and builders. Be part of our team – bring your skills, experiences, and determination to make a difference. Together we'll make a future with unlimited clean energy a reality.

In this unique opportunity you will work in an environment that values speed, innovation, and each other. Our projects range from CNC Machining, CNC Programming, and Process Engineering. You will create a variety of machined parts from start to finish in a timely manner. You will definitely need the ability to work under tight but realistic deadlines.
+ 10+ years of experience in machining aerospace components.
+ Experience machining tight tolerance, high value components.
+ Experience with conventional and CNC mills, lathes.
+ Machining of nickel-based stainless steel alloys, copper, titanium.
+ Tooling and fixture design.
+ NC programming skills, preferably Mastercam X6 thru 2018.
Who We Are
We are engineers, scientists, and business leaders, not researchers or academics, working to provide the world with a new source of clean, reliable, and affordable energy, running off little more than seawater and producing minimal waste. Working at Helion Energy is a once-in-a-career chance to innovate for a better future. We believe there is no success without teamwork because working together is the only way to accomplish important things.