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Motor City Machine Tool

Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in Motorized CNC spindle repair for HMC/VMCs, Turning Centers, Grinding machines, and other precision spindle applications. We rebuild Motorized Belt Driven Spindles, Motorized Gear Driven Spindles, and Motorized Direct Driven Spindles. 

One aspect that makes Motor City Spindle Repair different from our competitors is our incredible in house machining & grinding capabilities and our Expert Technicians. While some repair facilities are incapable of repairing or testing high speed grinding spindles, we are able to do so for spindles that run at the highest RPM’s with the most complex configurations. Our staff of full time grinder technicians & machinists can reverse engineer virtually any part of a spindle. We have a 4,000 sf Machining Department dedicated to CNC Machining and Grinding Services for HMC/VMCs, Turning Centers, Grinding Machines, and other Precision Spindle Applications.

We have over a dozen machines for I.D./O.D. grinding, milling & turning with top brand names like Kellenberger 100, Kellenberger 1500, Lucas Boring Mill, Landis, Johnford, Puma 280 + more. Our Hardinge Kellenberger® 100 Universal CNC Machine Grinder allow us to cut grind-plate-grind time down in half! This high-performance grinder gives us the most diverse of configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations and allows us to grind tools that not many grind shops in the USA can. Our Lucas boring mill is set up for large spindle housing components & our Frauenthal vertical I.D./O.D. grinding machine has a 48” table for large I.D./O.D. grinding.

We frequently repair spindles in 1-3 business days in emergency situations. Our in-house machining and grinding capabilities and qualified partners allow us to turn around components fast such as: Capto, HSK, ISO, BT, CAT, SK Spindle Tapers, Pilot I.D. and O.D.s, Front and Rear Bearing Journals, Housing Bores, Draw Bar Shafts, Splines and many other components needed to be re-qualified or manufactured new within 1 micron.