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Aluminum Alloys, Inc.

Sinking Spring, PA, USA

Aluminum Alloys is one of the largest foundries of its type on the East Coast. We specialize in large, complex aluminum castings, offering design, manufacturing, and finishing facilities for aluminum castings production.

Aluminum Alloys operates as three facilities within one: Automatic Molding for small parts weighing 1 to 30 pounds, Roto-Lift Molding for parts 30 to 100 pounds, and Floor Molded Sand Castings for large parts, 100 to 2000 pounds. The 150,000 square foot facility is located on nine acres of property near Reading, Pennsylvania.

Aluminum Alloys employs approximately 70 non-union craftsmen who possess the technical skills to supply sound casting for the most demanding designs. More than 51 years of excellence in customer service and product superiority are characteristics of the dedication to the perfection of the aluminum sand castings produced by Aluminum Alloys.