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Fordyce Design and Manufacturing, LLC

28570 State Hwy 47, Gaston, OR 97119, USA

FDM-LLC was started in 2011 with the goal of providing quick turn services for prototypes and small production runs to the local UAS industry.  With in-housing design, machining, fabrication, and electrical assembly capabilities, Fordyce Design and Manufacturing can perform complex prototyping quickly.  Multi-part assemblies can be transformed from concepts to completion in a matter of days.  FDM-LLC can also provide turn-key test stands and complete automation projects such as CNC retrofits.

Casey Fordyce has a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, is a Certified SolidWorks Professional, and has significant experience in the UAS industry designing, manufacturing, and performing quality control in an AS9100 production environment.  This experience is crucial to designing within requirements tailored for a UAS. For instance, products for the UAS industry must be as light as possible while still being robust enough to withstand the strenuous flight environment.  His focus on design for manufacturability lowers part costs and insures timely delivery of product.