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With 7,000 employees and manufacturing operations in more than 20 countries, IDEX is a high-performing, global enterprise committed to making trusted solutions that improve lives.


We’re a large and growing company. Founded in 1988 with three small, entrepreneurial manufacturing companies, our first year sales were just $209 million. We’re proud to say that we now call 40 diverse businesses around the world part of the IDEX family. By growing our existing businesses and acquiring new ones, we now have total company sales of more than $2 billion.

While we were founded as IDEX 30 years ago, our story began more than a century ago at the feet of the founders who started many of the businesses that make up IDEX today. Being nimble, entrepreneurial, and customer-focused are the principles we were founded on then and continue to be our core strengths today.

Serving our customers is at the heart of what we do and is our number one priority. Our diverse family of businesses is innovative and inquisitive in its quest to solve our customers’ challenging applied technology problems. These businesses operate with a high degree of autonomy, yet we are all united and strengthened by a solid, stable foundation made up of our values, vision, and culture.

Unlike many publicly traded companies who focus on financials above all else, at IDEX, we focus equally on our customers, our employees, and our shareholders. We know that each of these key stakeholders is intrinsically linked and over-serving one at the expense of the others is not the way to win over the long-term.