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Kalamazoo, MI, USA

PRAB has a portfolio of over 40 customizable equipment offerings across 4 divisions, all unified under the PRAB brand. It is the leading engineer and manufacturer of metal chip processing equipment, fluid recycling equipment, conveyors, and industrial water & wastewater treatment systems. Its automated solutions help manufacturers reduce labor costs, reclaim and recycle expensive fluids, maximize return on metal scrap, and stay in compliance with environmental rules and regulations. 

PRAB is a privately-held company with a history that spans over 65 years. We operate in a collaborative, hands-on work environment. Everyone from the CEO to the shipping manager works together with the goal of providing the best equipment and service to all of its customers. With over 4,500 installations worldwide, PRAB proudly serves the automotive, aerospace & defense, medical, electronics, off-road, energy, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, recycling, and other industries.