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Kellogg's Research Labs

CNC Machinist /Setup
Location: New Boston, NH
KRL offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits package includes lucrative stock
Company Description:
Kellogg’s Research Labs (KRL) is a scaling-stage startup company, dealing with shape memory
alloy-NITINOL (Nickel Titanium Alloy). KRL is a rapidly growing, innovation driven company
on the forefront of delivering shape memory application solutions to improve efficiency to
individuals and institutions around the world.
We’ve cooperated with over thousands of customers all over the world, have assisted companies
and organizations such as NASA, Tesla, Google, MIT, GE and many of the world’s leading
companies on developing their cutting-edge projects.
KRL keeps expanding its reach as well as providing great quality products and services. Space,
automotive, defense, houseware, and medical is just the beginning of the list under the trust of
our products and service quality. KRL is the leading nitinol supplier in the space industry, and
assisted numbers of university labs and commercial labs to overcome their technical barriers.
None of this would be possible without the motivation and dedication of KRL personnel. NOW
So, if you want to join the people who are working to make brain surgery an outpatient
procedure, submit a resume.
Required Skills:
● Experience: 1-5 years of CNC Milling or Wire EDM
● Able to execute loosely defined tasks
● Strong written and verbal communications
● Can communicate seamlessly with engineers and programmers
● Strong teamwork and communication skills under pressure
● Are hands-on and willing to cross discipline boundaries to solve problem
● Self-led & Motivated
Job Description:

● Follow a written procedure to use computer controlled manufacturing equipment
● Assist engineering department on preparing/manufacturing fixtures
● Build prototype mechanisms according to specification
● Machine custom fixture using both CNC and manual machine shop equipment
● Work closely with programmers and engineers to manufacture needs for the customer
We will be teaching CAM software to our machinists as part of our process for building a strong
R&D team.
Desired Skills:
● Previous experience within the medical device and aerospace industries
● G-code
● 5-Axis milling
● Machine Setup
● Fixturing
● Material selection
● Welding
● Lapping
● Starting pay: $20-26 per hour
● Lucrative stock options available
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