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Since the 1970's, Smoky Mountain Machining, Inc. has been a national machining resource for major industries across the United States. We have successfully met the strict requirements of aerospace, military and automotive manufacturers for over 30 years. Because of our high production CNC machining, we have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to take your parts from prototype to production. At Smoky Mountain Machining we are dedicated to excellence and guarantee you the highest quality customer service.

Smoky Mountain has a proven track record for precision, innovation and quality. Our company, located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, attracts some of the most capable and knowledgeable engineers, quality personnel and machinists in the field. Many larger companies cannot match Smoky Mountain's depth of experience and diversity of skill. Our stringent quality control program ensures we deliver every job on time with zero defects. Smoky Mountain Machining - where customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Smoky Mountain Machining is ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001:2008 registered to assure that you are getting quality products and services. Many of our competitors choose to complete ISO requirements only. Our ISO/TS16949 registration means we have adhered to the most stringent requirements in our field and gives us global certification for automotive work. Smoky Mountain Machining also utilizes an internal gage calibration system that currently meets all of the ISO and TS requirements.

Our Quality Management System, ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001:2008, set the standard for quality throughout Smoky Mountain Machining. We also employ principles of lean manufacturing and are committed to manufacturing processes that benefit your bottom line. Smoky Mountain implementations include continuous improvement of quality and production, along with defect and waste elimination. Lean events and cost reduction procedures increase our efficiency while saving you time and money.