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Dynomax, Inc

Wheeling, IL, USA

Dynomax Inc. designs, manufactures, and develops high-precision machined components, injection molding and tooling, sub-assemblies, automated work cells, specialty machines and machine tool spindles. As a technology innovator, Dynomax's expertise is showcased in industries that require our hallmark high-precision engineering and manufacturing excellence. We serve the Aerospace, Defense, and Energy industries.

From engineering consultation and prototyping, to short run spares and long term production, Dynomax's customers have come to rely on our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and on-time delivery.

Dynomax’ turnkey solutions offer simplified logistics, reduced costs, superior quality products and personalized service in a variety of business segments.

When it comes to high-precision manufacturing, the closer the tolerance and the higher the complexity, the better! Dynomax Inc.’s vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing team works closely with you to develop innovative solutions and deliver precision performance – from design to part.