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Anchor Harvey Components, LLC

Freeport, IL, USA

Anchor Harvey is a data-driven aluminum forging company with a century-long legacy in precision manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management. We’re not your grandpa’s job shop, we’re a world-class workforce. Anchor Harvey will take the time to develop you as a leader and to promote a highly engaged company culture. We have competitive pay, benefits, and incentive programs as well as team celebrations and individual recognitions.

 To succeed at Anchor Harvey, you must believe in our Mission, work towards our Vision, and live our Values every day.

 Mission: To empower our world-class workforce to achieve continuous success as the needs of our customers and the world evolve.

Vision: To have a part in everything you do.

Values: ◉ One Team One Goal ◉ Pursuit of Knowledge ◉ Every Employee Owns Safety ◉ Say Thank You ◉ Profitability is Essential ◉ Celebrate Our Customers ◉ Do Your Best Work Every Day ◉ Play Hard