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Swissomation Virginia

254 Industrial Park Drive, Amherst, VA, USA

At Swissomation, we are experts at machining high-precision custom components for a variety of industries. Our value proposition is superb quality and refreshingly responsive customer service. We do multi-axis machining, and many people are surprised to learn that we can produce mill finishes right off the lathe!

Our extensive selection of equipment allows us to find the most efficient manufacturing solution for every component. Swissomation Virginia machines parts up to 1.5" out of a variety of metals and plastics. We excel at prototype runs and are equipped to handle high-production runs as well.

Swissomation Virginia is a family-run company and we strive to uphold Christian morals both in and out of the workplace. With about 30 employees, we have a close-knit team and value the impact that each person makes on our success. We are a sister company to Swissomation, Inc., run out of Fredericksburg, TX.