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We are a high mix, low volume contract manufacturer with the skills and competency to provide close tolerance machining for the demanding aerospace industry. This means we do not produce our own branded product, but provide small batches of high quality machined parts for our commercial and defense aerospace customers. They then put these parts into their own products and sell them to their customers. 


Our customers trust us to help them thrive and be successful. We do this by meeting their expectations for price, quality and delivery. We are quick to invest in equipment, tools and the technology that helps us achieve our PAC Goals. We take pride in workmanship and process integrity. 

We desire to build a work culture that reflects our PAC Values. This needs to be a culture Accountability, Adaptability and Achievement. For us to thrive and grow, we need to measure ourselves and constantly seek ways to improve. We also need to stay focused on the needs of the customer. This means we all are accountable to the customer and we strive to make them completely satisfied in our quality and delivery. 

This also means that we want to hire and develop top quality talent who are smart, motivated and focused. Some people may not be comfortable in this dynamic and demanding culture and environment. Our long term associates have found that they like the status of working in the aerospace industry. They enjoy working with a higher level of technology and executing a higher level of workmanship. 

So what does all this mean for you? You are expected to treat others with respect. This includes how you speak to and about others and how you behave towards them. You are expected to meet performance standards and seek opportunities for continuous improvement in the systems and processes that you work with, and also in your own skill development. You are expected to know who your direct customer is (internally or externally) and be absolutely accountable for their satisfaction with your output. You are expected to be intensely focused on your team’s success. 

We do have competitors and they are formidable. We desire to grow and thrive as a company and our desire is that you grow and thrive here too. Your success here is up to you. If you operate according to the PAC Values and do your best to help us achieve our PAC Goals, you may likely experience a long and satisfying career here at PAC.