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Germanow Simon

408 St Paul St, Rochester, NY, USA

Germanow-Simon is the parent of 2 organizations, G-S Plastics Optics and Tel-Tru Manufacturing. 

G-S Plastics Optics
GSPO is one of the few companies in the world to specialize in the custom design and manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in imaging, scanning, illumination, and detection applications worldwide.

The company has in-house capability to provide diamond turned and injection molded prototypes, production injection molding, thin film and reflective coatings, and integrated optical solutions to meet a wide range of military, medical, commercial, and consumer markets.

Optics manufactured by GSPO are critical components enabling each of our customers’ products to perform the functions for which they are designed.
Some applications include:
• Bar code scanners used in grocery and retail stores and industrial warehouses
• Dollar bill scanners in vending machines
• Night vision goggles used by the military
• Flight simulation projectors used for pilot training
• Optical sensors used for industrial chemical analysis
• Medical instruments and devices
• Heads up displays worn by helicopter pilots
• Motion sensitive security devices

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company
Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company is a World-Class manufacturer of bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, and other temperature and pressure instruments and transmitters for industrial process applications and related OEM’s. Tel-Tru is a metal working operation with in-house equipment and processes for metal stamping, CNC turning, welding, assembly and calibration testing.

Tel-Tru products are available through a network of distributors, in the United States and around the world. The designs of the original household thermometers manufactured by Tel-Tru in the early 1930’s were influenced by the Art Deco movement—which was reflected in the product styling and dial graphics. These original products were used by consumers to tell indoor and outdoor temperatures, and used in kitchen ovens, refrigerators and for cooking roast meats or making candy.

Over the years Tel-Tru products evolved into temperature and pressure instruments used in industrial process applications. You will find them in:
• Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants
• Chemical processing plants manufacturing adhesives, paints, fertilizers, insecticides, plastics etc.
• Power generating stations-coal and gas fired and nuclear
• HVAC systems in office buildings, universities, hospitals, etc.
• Pulp and paper mills
• Food, dairy, beverage, meat packing and processing and storage
• Pharmaceutical and cosmetic plants
• Plastic/rubber molding and extruding